At BF&P, we process and package premium, wild-caught, domestic shrimp to meet the needs of fine distributors, retailers and restaurants in the United States and Canada. We know our customers have a choice in what shrimp they buy, and we strive to continue providing them with high quality products.

With over 175 years of industry experience, we know what our customers want – and it is our pleasure to provide them with:

Complete Product Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our product for any reason, you may return it at any time for a replacement or credit. It’s as simple as that; no time constraints and no specifications. The only restriction to our guarantee is your satisfaction!


The wild-caught, domestic shrimp we sell is processed by our crew – in our facility, using our modern machinery – and under the supervision of our experienced management team. At BF&P, we separate all shrimp types and colors into different lots to ensure that your first box will be the same as your last. These quality control steps translate into a consistent product that our customers can use with confidence.

Competitive Prices

Our extensive processing experience, high production capacity, quality supply chains and expansive market knowledge allow us to package shrimp at competitive market prices, all while providing a superior product that creates value for our customers.

Complete Inventory Selection

P&D Tail-On shrimp begin as headless shrimp that are hand-peeled down to the tail, hand-cut, and then the vein is removed. The tail remains inact to enhance size and presentation. Due to this labor-intensive process, P&D Tail-On are available only in sizes 26/30 and larger.

Market Knowledge

Part of being a great buyer or a great sales representatives is having updated market knowledge at your fingertips. Using the most up-to-date technology available, we offer several social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, and apps for both Apple and Android devices. These applications are the first of their kind, designed specifically to assist domestic shrimp purchasers and sales representatives by increasing their shrimp knowledge. Use any social media application you like and get instant updates concerning market conditions, catch sizes, pricing and availability. Get your information before your competition and get it right from the source!

The American Dream made Biloxi Freezing & Processing (BF&P) a top United States shrimp producer.

All sizes of domestic peeled, peeled & deveined, peeled & deveined tail-on, 5#, kilo and headless shrimp are available.

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