Sustaining a business in the shrimp industry for over seven generations is not easy; but for Biloxi Freezing & Processing, Inc. (BF&P) – we’ve not only sustained our business, we’ve dominated the marketplace.

For over 94 years, we’ve been a leader in the industry.

As the producer of over 12.5 percent of all U.S. wild-caught, domestic shrimp, we continue to process and package high quality products for retail and wholesale –all across North America..As time moves forward, we continue to make the process more efficient – while maintaining the quality and integrity of our products.

Did you know… to order shrimp at a restaurant, it must be processed first? Processing is an age-old technique that has been fine tuned with time. Below are the steps that we take to ensure a high quality product is purchased.

The Process


Whether you are a shrimp salesman, restaurateur or distribution buyer; you are sure to enjoy our reference material on shrimp types, colors, seasons, life cycles and sales support material, available here *. Be sure to use our sales support tools to learn how to accurately QC shrimp samples for cuttings with the competition!

The American Dream made Biloxi Freezing & Processing (BF&P) a top United States shrimp producer.

All sizes of domestic peeled, peeled & deveined, peeled & deveined tail-on, 5#, kilo and headless shrimp are available.

Our Brands

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